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The Panhandle Gives

SAVE THE DATES! November 20 – November 28!

Education Credit Union Foundation is excited to be a participating non-profit in this year’s The Panhandle Gives (TPG) campaign. It is a special opportunity to unite our community around causes in which we truly believe and help ECU Foundation continue to connect to our Panhandle community.

Please help us reach our goal of $25,000 by planning to give November 20 – November 28.

100% of the funds you donate to the foundation will go to the Pocket Change Grant program, benefiting teachers and students throughout the Texas Panhandle.

PLUS, the Pocket Change Grant program will receive an additional payout, a percentage of the total of all donations collected, thanks to this year’s Amplification Fund at Amarillo Area Foundation.

Plan to give November 20 – November 28

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