Board Member Volunteer

Potential Board Volunteer,

If you decide to apply to have your name placed before the Nominating Committee, please complete the Director Application and Agreement to Serve Form located at the bottom of this page. We will also need a personal resume and/or biography.

You must indicate on the Director Application in the upper right hand corner which board position you are seeking or indicate of seeking advisory board director position only.

You may want to consider the following issues in your decision to make application

  • Credit Union Account(s) must be in “good standing.”
  • Attendance and training requirements do apply.
  • Board member loans and family member loan request must be approved by the board. Loan balances are reviewed quarterly by the board.
  • Board positions are considered as voluntary services are not “paid.”
  • Directors and Advisory Directors are required to take an official Oath.

Please review each of the policies relating to board service listed above.

Thank you for your interest in Education Credit Union.


The Texas Credit Union Department’s Director Application and Agreement to Serve Form is the last page in this informational kit.


Click Here To View The Responsibilities of the Board

                                      I.      Officer and Director Responsibility

                                      II.     Legal Responsibilities

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              Section II          Part 1                  The Board

              Section II          Part 1A               Advisory Directors

              Section II          Part 2                  Officers

              Section III         Part 1                  General Policies and Philosophies

              Section III         Part 2                  Volunteer Participation

              Section III         Part 3                  Board Elections Policy

              Section IV         Part 2                  Code of Ethics


Director Application and Agreement to Serve