Youth Savings

Mark your calendars for January 2022

Scottie may be leaving for new adventures, but we have a new Youth Savings Program on the horizon that rewards you with cash for your academic accomplishments. More details to come soon!

Be sure to cash in your Scottie Bucks NOW for 1% of the Scottie Buck Value, up to $100 or you can use your Scottie Bucks to buy our Scottie merchandise** at 75% off – but you need to act fast because this offer ends soon!

Children under the age of 12 can learn to save money with a minimum deposit of $5.00 and a one-time membership fee of $1. Our Scottie Saver’s Club provides children with a savings account, plus gives children initiative to save extra money. In addition to savings, for every $5 deposited into their Scottie Saver’s account, your children will earn a Scottie Buck, which can be redeemed at the credit union for cool prizes.

*Scottie Saver’s Club account holders earn one Scottie Buck for each $5.00 deposited; however, this excludes direct deposits. Scottie Bucks may be redeemed for Scottie items on display at the credit union.

**While supplies last.


The following is a list of some of the prizes and the Scottie Buck Cost.

Scottie Saver ItemScottie Bucks
Sunglasses (animal print)1 Buck
Scottie Notepad, Scottie Key Chain1 Buck
Scottie Magnet, Coloring Book1 Buck
Spring Coil1 Buck
Glow in the Dark Disc, Gel Pen Pack2 Bucks
Crayon Wheel2 Bucks
Scottie Pen3 Bucks
Bone Paper Clips3 Bucks
YoYo4 Bucks
Paw Print Rubber Stamp4 Bucks
Activity Book5 Bucks
Scottie Zipper Pull "Jock"7 Bucks
Doggy Border Stamp, Bike Safety Blinker7 Bucks
Pencil Set7 Bucks
Small Black Scottie Dog "Shadow"9 Bucks
Small White Scottie Dog "Lassie"9 Bucks
Lunch Bag, Book Bag, Leather Coin Purse10 Bucks
Scottie T-Shirt (child)10 Bucks
Scottie T-Shirt (Small Adult)12 Bucks
Baseball Cap13 Bucks
Soccer Ball15 Bucks
Scottie Back Pack, Scottie Plush Purse15 Bucks
Medium Black Scottie Dog "Penny"17 Bucks
Medium White Scottie Dog "Bonnie"17 Bucks
Scottie Sweatshirt (Child)19 Bucks
Scottie Sweatshirt (Small Adult)22 Bucks

Prices and Prizes are subject to change without notice.