ECU TouchTone Teller

TouchTone Teller: 806-358-2776 or 866-415-0164

ECU’s TouchTone Teller provides convenient 24-hour access through any touch/tone phone. ECU’s free service provides all savings and loan balances, fund transfers, cleared check listings, and much more. For security, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required for account access. To apply for TouchTone Teller, call Member Services at 806-358-7777.

When your request has been processed, you will then select a PIN and begin using this service at your convenience.

You may use your ECU Touchtone Teller Pin to obtain access to eBranch:

Upon your first visit to ECU’s eBranch, use your TouchTone Teller PIN to log in and then you will be prompted to change your PIN. This new PIN relates to your eBranch access and does not affect your TouchTone Teller PIN. You now have two PINs: the new PIN for eBranch and the old PIN for TouchTone Teller.

To use TouchTone Teller, you must place your call to 806-358-2776 or 866-415-0164. The system welcomes you and asks you to enter your member number. You enter your member number and then press the pound (#) sign.

ECU’s TouchTone Teller now asks you to enter your access code. (This is your 4-digit PIN.) Then press the pound (#) sign. TouchTone Teller will then prompt you on what to do next.

More Touchtone Teller Tips:

  1. When entering a dollar amount NO DECIMAL POINT IS NECESSARY. Example: To Transfer $500.00 just press 50000 AND THEN PRESS THE POUND (#) SIGN.
  2. NOT PERMITTED are deposits, withdrawals, or transfers to and from Certificate of Deposit, IRA, Escrow or Home Improvement accounts.
  3. If you want to CANCEL the transaction, enter an ASTERISK (*) AND THEN PRESS THE POUND (#) SIGN.

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