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Keeping members informed, sharing news, celebrating success, and highlighting our members’ great work and community involvement is a core tenet of what makes ECU integral to our communities and members. The ECU newsletter is your source for updates and important events and notes.

Board Nominations
Nominations By Petition: Any member in good standing who meets eligibility requirements set forth under the policies and bylaws of Education Credit Union may petition to be included on the ballot. The petition must be signed by a minimum of one percent (1%) of membership eligible to vote as of year-end 2019. When there is only one candidate for each position, there will be no nominations from the floor and the election will not be conducted by ballot. The petition must be submitted to the nomination committee no later than February 24, 2022. Contact Eric Jenkins or Claudia Burkett at 806.358.7777 if you wish to file a petition.

To apply click HERE

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