Financial Education

ECU maintains a service and support goal of connecting with our community and of empowering and inspiring others to make wise financial decisions and beneficial life choices. Financial education is the key to sustainable financial freedom and sound financial planning and decisions.

In a typical year, our financial education team completes nearly 500 presentations to over 15,000 students in our service area. Education Credit Union understands the importance of teaching students of all ages about personal finance. We have created our Smart Money financial literacy presentations for grades K-12, college, and adults. These lessons incorporate real-world scenarios and activities. We speak on a variety of personal finance subjects including banking, budgeting, credit, car buying, compound interest, saving, and other topics by request. We have flexible scheduling and would love to come speak to your class or group today! Click to Schedule, and our financial educator will contact you.

ECU Financial Educator

Colten Hibbs
Colten Hibbs
Financial Educator and Staff Writer

Colten is passionate about teaching members of the community “everything I wish I had known when I was younger” about financial literacy. He is a local artist, as well. His academic yet dynamic presentation style blends engaging entertainment and useful information.

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