When looking for a checking account, it’s quite necessary to do a little research prior to your application. While there are tons of checking accounts to choose from, which one will best work for your benefit? We encourage you to consider ECU as we compare our $mart Checking account to other checking accounts.

A checking account is a financial account that virtually holds the money you’ve earned or received. It allows you easy access to payments made from employers with direct deposit through writing checks, online transfers, and a personal debit card. Some key options to look for are ease of access, such as ATMs and mobile apps, fees, interest, and, of course, rewards!

Moreover, checking accounts serve as building blocks to manage your money, and can be linked to other accounts like Cash App, Zelle, and Venmo. After all, checking accounts are most often used for paying bills and for everyday spending.

Most national bank accounts have monthly maintenance fees for their checking accounts that can only be avoided by qualifying for a waiver. Additionally, those accounts are non-interest bearing, meaning the account doesn’t allow you to earn interest on your money. There can be a minimum deposit of $25 or more  to open the account and, unfortunately, there are no rewards for account holders.

Not only does our $mart Checking account not have a monthly fee, but there’s also no minimum opening deposit! Here are more perks that our $mart Checking account has to offer:

  • Earn monthly interest of 0.10% APY* if your average daily balance is at least $1,000
  • Earn additional 6.00% APY $mart Bonus Interest with qualifying activity**
  • Access to over 67,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide
  • Free instant issue debit card

As long as you meet the minimum qualification requirements: (i) be enrolled in e-docs, (ii) complete at least 15 non-ATM debit card transactions; and (iii) receive at least $500 in electronic deposits all while maintaining an average daily balance of $1,000, you have a chance at earning 6.10% APY each month!

In summary, $mart Checking is perfect for members looking for a basic checking account with no monthly fee! It’s easy to open, easy to navigate, and full of electronic support tools. Please feel free to call, stop by, or view our website for even more details and to apply!

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Financial Awareness is a part of the Credit Union difference. As a member of Education Credit Union, we provide you with smarter banking options and financial tools that can help you become financially sound.

*APY = Annual Percentage yield. APY is accurate as of 1/1/24 and subject to change. If minimum qualification requirements are met during monthly qualification cycle, and maintain at least $1,000 daily balance, 6.10% APY will apply to balances $50,000.00 and below and .10% APY will apply to balances of $50,000.01 or more. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. If all of minimum qualification requirements are met except you do not maintain a minimum $1,000 daily balance during monthly qualification cycle, 6.00% APY will apply to your entire balance. If you do not meet minimum qualification requirements but maintain a minimum $1,000 average daily balance during the monthly qualification cycle, .10% APY will apply to the entire balance. Other restrictions may apply.

See our deposit rates for all current $mart Checking rates.



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